Adapt Your Business to Social Distancing

We’ve all had to make some immense changes to our lives since the start of 2020. It may not have been Armageddon, but it was certainly the end of life as we knew it. From a complete economic shutdown to multiple levels of lockdown and different restrictions, the changes we had to make came both personally and within business.

The most common defence that we have, is social distancing – which is simple enough in low populated areas but can be a bit difficult when you are in a place of business, where you need to house employees and customers.

Thankfully there are some ways that you can adapt your business to social distancing, and we’re here to help you with that.

Firstly, you need to keep note of the space available at your place of business. Try to ensure there is enough space available to allow people to maintain 1-2 meter distance whenever possible. Then, you can also limit the amount of people on the premises, at any given time – do your best to keep the occupancy at around 50%.

Give employees ample space to work, be comfortable and keep distance. Move desks, chairs and working areas apart from one another, as much as possible. Creating markings on the floor to display distance markers for customers, allows them to easily adhere to social distancing protocols.

Lastly, and probably the safest measure you can take to adapt your business to social distancing, is implementing means and measures to allow employees to work remotely from home, and if possible, allow customers to deal with your business/employees remotely or online. This will ensure minimal contact between people and is by far the most efficient way to adhere to social distancing.

Through software like online meeting tools, instant messaging and ecommerce websites, it is easier than ever for business to function online, without the need for human contact – of course there are still certain things that require face-to-face meetings, but reducing these needs will keep you, your business, your employees and your customers a lot safer during difficult times. Ensuring that when the difficult times are over, you still have a lasting relationship with your customers.

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