Remote working – “The new norm”

SmartAssistant Work remotelyWe all know what working is – waking up in the morning, getting ready, getting in your car, sitting in traffic, and getting to the office, where you sit for 8-9 hours until you sit in traffic again and head home.

However, this ritual of normality has changed drastically since March 2020 when the world fell victim to Covid-19, and most countries went into lockdowns and complete economic shutdowns.

Thinking these lockdowns would only be in effect for a couple of weeks, most people saw it as an extended vacation, but when lockdown seemed to be continuing with no end in sight, we couldn’t afford for businesses not to operate, in fear of an economic collapse, and thus, remote working was born and has since become the new norm.

Thankfully we had the internet, the devices, the tools, and the software we needed to make it a possibility. Using our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, we were able to use things like cloud storage, online meeting tools, digital signatures, and remote communication to almost seamlessly adapt our offices to our homes.

Over a year later, the lockdowns have proven effective and life has almost returned to normal. One thing to notice though, is that most businesses are still making use of, and even encouraging working remotely, due to the savings on costs for both employees and employers, the increased productivity, and just how easy it is to do most (definitely not all) jobs remotely.

From being able to share documents, collaborate, and communicate through software like Google Workspace formally known as G-Suite, to being able to send, receive and sign legally binding documents through digital signatures and electronic forms, like those offered by Conclude, and even being able to have team meetings through Google Meet or Zoom it couldn’t be easier.

We’ve all heard the saying “home away from home”, now is the era of “office out of office”.


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