What is Digital Marketing?

We all know what marketing is, any business that wants to succeed needs to engage in marketing to create awareness, bring in new clients and ensure that existing clients return.
A lot of marketing used to take place by means of face-to-face engagements, billboards, and posters, magazines, and newspapers, handing out pamphlets and relying on word of mouth.
While these marketing techniques were trusted and reliable, they took a lot of time, energy, effort, and a lot of resources, only for them to return delayed or minimal results, but they were the only means to get the marketing done, so it was an investment worth making.

Bigger companies were able to utilise radio and TV for marketing campaigns and their reach was unparalleled, but they cost an exorbitant amount of money, so it would not be viable for smaller or newer companies to pursue these avenues, even if the message is widely received at a single moment.

This is where the revolution of Digital Marketing has somewhat leveled the playing field.

Digital Marketing is defined as the use of online-based digital tools to promote your product, brand, business, or service. Digital Marketing can include the use of email, social media, blogs, and websites as your platforms for marketing.

Having a website where people can find the information they need about your business or product is vital, and plays a big role in the trust factor for online users. Not only that but it is the most accessible point of your online presence and acts as a hub to all your other online platforms.

Using social media and blog posts allow you to advertise on the spot, creating informative and entertaining content for clients and potential clients to interact with you, and provide valuable feedback you can use to improve and continue building.

Blogs are used for more informative updates, while social media is more for the entertainment and interactive parts. Both are very useful based on the number of users actively using these platforms on a daily basis.

Email/SMS/MMS marketing is extremely useful and cost-effective for its purpose. They allow you to market to a mass audience, in one go, at little to no cost at all, using Email Service Providers, you are able to advertise and market a message or even do an entire automated campaign to hundreds, if not thousands of users very easily.

So, in essence, Digital Marketing is a new era, utilising the digital platform and tools available thanks to the advancements of technology, and easily marketing to potentially millions of people in a fast, cheap, and effective way.

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