SmartTemp a SmartSolution…

Our SmartTemp solution offers a short-term, remote SmartAssistant to take care of your basic office work when you need it the most.

If you have employees, then you can be assured that they will take annual, sick or even maternity leave at some point or another.
Leaving you short-handed while they are gone. Instead of replacing them, even on a temporary basis, or trying to take the work on yourself…
…get a SmartAssistant with our SmartTemp package.


The SmartTemp package includes:

  • Optional call forwarding, to take your inbound calls
  • G-Suite 
    • Google Calendar management
    • Gmail management
    • Google Drive File Management
    • Docs & Sheets 
  • Outbound calls
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Data Capturing
  • Social Media and/or Ecommerce posts
  • Invoicing (Create, Send, Receive, File)
  • Updating of templates



Our flexible packages are super-affordable.  Save with a monthly package, or simply pay as you need!

Affordable remote office support for South African businesses

Need more?

Our packages are so easy to extend, we can…
Add additional extensions (billed per extension)
Add extra admin support (billed pro-rata)
Get VOIP reports (billed per report)
Send out Email/SMS marketing (billed pro-rata)
And so much more…

Just ask us!